About Hammond Architectural

As an architectural and urban planning practice, we are continually exploring and evolving the manner in which we design in the built environment, and are guided by our core ethos of placing the inhabitants of the spaces we create at the forefront of what we do.

Committed to sustainable placemaking and creating quality places that contribute to people’s health, happiness and well-being, Hammond Architectural are dedicated to projects that champion aspirational design, the normalisation of affordable low carbon living and accessible green infrastructure.

Hammond’s focus on residential housing and mixed-use schemes has led to our reputation as experts in the field. Our passion comes from a people- centric motive, designing and delivering spaces that work for residents and users first, whilst bringing positive aesthetic enhancement to the built environment. This strong reputation is demonstrated by our portfolio of well-known construction companies and property developers.

Our design solutions emerge as a result of an intense investigation of the site, so that every project is unique and relevant to the community they serve. We strive to enable a dialogue between the past and the future; by strengthening local identity, unlocking open communal places and dissolving boundaries.