House 1A, South Wales, UK

Client: Private
Budget: Confidential
Tenure: Private residence

House 2B was designed for a private client, who wanted a contemporary home for his young family that would also double as an entertaining space and somewhere to operate his business from. The site was located at the edge of a village in the Welsh countryside, on a narrow stretch of land sited between a road and existing houses.

The design approach was to deliver a house divided into three distinct areas – garage & workspace, living & entertaining space, and the accommodation space. These distinct areas were arranged around a central circulation route that was punctuated by internal courtyards and terraced areas, allowing the property to be opened up into one large, flowing entertaining space at ground floor. Overlooking issues with neighbours, and a prominent position in the village, meant that the building form was broken up with various volumes and roof treatments, as well as green roof, to limit the visual impact.

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